Appdome: a solution to avoid mishaps

January 7, 2022 | Ananya S

周六清晨,罗伯特在他的安卓手机上下载了一个新的游戏澳门葡京娱乐,并开始玩. Soon he levelled up, and now it had asked for a credit or debit card to be able to get to the next tier. He made a small debit transaction, and now he was a Premium player.

Later that night, he noticed that his card had been charged multiple times, and to his horror, he realized his bank balance was almost drained. After exchanging multiple frantic emails with the App’s publisher, 他被告知,他手机上的一个第三方恶意软件窃取了他的财务信息, and the publisher was helpless to recover the money. 出于彻底的沮丧,Robert在App store上写了一篇严厉的评论,并给它打了一星.

This is not an isolated incident. 恶意代码和机器人攻击和劫持了数百万澳门葡京娱乐用户的个人和财务信息,而用户从未意识到这种盗窃行为.

澳门葡京娱乐开发人员和程序员必须采取强有力的预防措施来应对日益增长的在线威胁,这一点至关重要. 银行, 电子商务和其他基于金融的澳门葡京娱乐特别容易受到恶意软件攻击, consequently compromising their data and security.



No-Code Security Platform

For the uninitiated, Appdome是一个移动应用开发平台,可以在不需要额外编码的情况下为Android和IOS应用增加安全性. Both IOS Apps and Android are ably supported.

尽管目前许多初创公司和公司都在创建一个框架来支持澳门葡京娱乐安全, Appdome拥有超过十年的开发和安全专业知识,并为数百个小型到企业级客户提供服务. 他们已经开发了一种快速的一键式解决方案,将一个易受攻击和黑客攻击的澳门葡京娱乐转换为一个加固和恶意软件证明,而不需要任何编码或包含SDK(软件开发工具包).

Multi-Layered Services and Protection

Customers can choose and implement each discreet security feature, or bundle of features.

Appdome的移动应用屏蔽或加固解决方案是一种运行时应用的自我保护功能,可以防止黑客对应用进行逆向工程或篡改. It blocks static and dynamic attacks and thwarts malicious code from debugging tools.

TOTALData encrypts the App, code and data using advanced App specific AES-256 encryption or FIPS 140-2 cryptography. This ensures that malware and breaches cannot access data, files or App resources.

Appdome prevents hacking and reverse engineering by using TOTALCode Obfuscation. This feature creates a protective layer of App code, 二进制文件, 类, 库, SDKs (Software Development Kits) and debugs information.

还有一个有用的工具可以通过防止克隆和修改来保护手机应用免受盗版和木马的侵害. 可能被破解的澳门葡京娱乐通常带有恶意代码和木马程序,这些程序不仅会改变用户体验,还会窃取用户数据.

The Fraud Prevention Solution detects and blocks ransomwares, game cheat engines, speed attacks, hacking frameworks and malware bridges. Methods like code and script injections, function and method hooking, memory editing all contribute to the mobile Apps being compromised and taken over. This solution from Appdome preserves and maintains the integrity of the Apps.

Appdome’s Certified Secure offers verification to mobile App developers and publishers. 所有的构建和发布都受到安全和移动欺诈预防特性的保护. 在构建和发布的每个阶段的这种认证减少了代码扫描,并确保开发过程始终是安全的和受保护的.

How Does Appdome Work?

Over the years, Appdome已经建立了一个庞大的知识体系,基于众多澳门葡京娱乐的数千个实现. 当用户的应用提交给Appdome的Build My App服务时,这个知识库就会发挥作用. 基于人工智能的引擎会扫描和检查开发框架,并映射澳门葡京娱乐的结构和逻辑元素, its features and functions.

在对澳门葡京娱乐的功能和所请求的安全服务之间的差距进行分析之后, 它使用了一个预构建的、可重用的、包含数千个安全插件的微服务体系结构,通过自适应代码生成引擎动态组装并生成一个新的App二进制文件.

So, without any code or SDK changes, the new App now includes all the new security layers and functionalities. The Appdome technology automatically adds the relevant framework and logic to the App. As more Apps are processed and implemented, their knowledge base and functionalities are continuously enhanced, 从而简化流程,并包含新的安全漏洞和威胁.

The Future of Apps

随着澳门葡京娱乐的规模和复杂性不断增长,功能和用户体验不断增强, 对澳门葡京娱乐开发团队来说,跟踪出现的和不断变化的威胁是一项资源消耗和昂贵的工作. Hackers, bots and malware are continuously enhancing and changing their modes of attack.

利用Appdome提供的第三方安全服务可以帮助澳门葡京娱乐编码员, 开发者和发行商专注于他们的开发和构建,同时保证他们的应用安全, secured and protected.

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